Why Valerie Bertinelli Openly Discloses Her Experience of Being Criticized for Her Appearance?

Valerie Bertinelli, early this year, uploaded a video on Instagram about her mental health. She used the word “Hidden Bruise”, which doesn’t mean physical injuries but mental hurts from the past. It shows her suffering, which she bore throughout the years. Finally, Valerie Bertinelli openly discloses her experience of being criticized for her appearance.

Although it was hard to say it publicly on social media, she took the first step and told what was running in her mind — walking on the side of the road, wearing jeans and sunglasses, and talking about her current condition. She pointed out to boys who criticized her for being lazy and fat.

Adding to this, she said anyone can’t let me feel dumb. I have screamed so many times, but now I’m calm and believe what you say about me is not true. I’m very happy with myself and my pets. 

Message for Those Who Let You Feel Unworthy 

She says to give inspiration to others: At my core, I emit happiness and joy, but sometimes, it’s dimmed by the careless words of others that I’ve let slip in. I’m talking about it as a lot of people out there feel the same way, but that’s not true.

Whenever someone tries to dim your light, smash them with your positive attitude and shine bright. Because you’re the only person responsible for your mental health and to support the family. Suppose you’re not going to love yourself and underestimate your worth. Then people will use you to get benefits and hurt emotionally.

How did she recover?

Since she had indulged in alcohol for a long time and couldn’t find a way to get out of it. Therefore, she started a streak of non-alcohol consumption, which she named “Dry January.” Along with a sugar-free month so it can reduce her unhealthy food cravings.

In an interview with FOX, she gave another tip for journaling, which was:

“Journaling therapy and a good dose of humor have accelerated my healing process.”

According to a study on Journaling’s Impact on Mental Health. This publication revealed that some days a week, journaling improves cognitive abilities and maintains mental health. The concept behind it is simple as it is an exercise of listening to oneself without any curtain or blocking the people’s communication barrier.

Thus, when a person writes down thoughts that he/she can’t share even with their close ones, it allows them to cleanse their messy mind full of random misconceptions of life. This way, it sends a signal to the mind of the feeling of being addressed, and that’s how the person experiences calmness.

When the reporter asked her where she was now summarizing her life in one word, what did she say?

Bertinelli Replied: Great, I’m grateful.

Actually, I want to say the word peaceful. Unfortunately, sometimes peace gets disrupted. That’s why I’m grateful, as I’m learning by passing through every step.

Continuing the talk, the reporter asked, Are you open to new love?

In response to this query, Valeri started nodding as she just ended the question.

And said: I’ll never want to get married again due to past experiences. Yet, there are two things I’ll ever do for the rest of my life.

  1. Number one, I’ll never worry about what I weigh anymore and never be on a restrictive diet again!
  2. Secondly, I will never get married. Once again, she said to the reporter with a guarantee.

The reason behind stopping her restricted diet may be her trial-and-error sessions, which aren’t working anymore. These cause her to take a long break and build a system supporting her to stay active and in shape. Or she wants to keep things in a flow state without interrupting anything from outside.

Open for Love?

Well, that’s enough to get this context answer, but the reporter somehow explains to her that marriage and love are two different things. Are you still open for love?

Valeri’s response was similar to the previous one, with the same boldness of saying no and no again. She said: I don’t want to be a hassle anymore; I’m happy with myself now and my six cats and a dog. Then, both started laughing.

People’s Response to Bertinelli’s Video

She is quite active on her social media account, mainly on Instagram (@wolfiesmom) and TikTok (@realwolfiesmom). While walking on the road, she recorded a selfie video that showed her pure emotions without any filter.

Getting criticized again by individuals was probable, and she knew it. Anyhow, she uploaded that walking video in jeans. In fact, there were a lot of positive comments by her followers and non-followers. They’re pushing to do the best of her abilities and keep moving in life.

The video got a ton of supportive comments. One person said healing isn’t a straight path, which is so true. Another thanked the uploader for talking about “hidden bruises”, those internal struggles we don’t always see.

Followers Compassion

Plus, people really admire Valerie in that video, with comments like “So proud of you!” and how many find inspiration in her strength. That’s the way she secured the love from people in real time and put aside all the negative things.

Yet, these comments are just salt in the flour. Hundreds of other fans are supporting and mentioning her as a successful lady. Many of them claimed that they had grown from childhood to maturity watching her cooking shows at Food Network. There is no substitute for her.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the famous food chef Valerie Bertinelli has shown a great creature of hope in life. Regardless of whatever past you’ve experienced, there’s always a bright side to every suffering. The pain is temporary and comes to build our stamina to get stronger.

As we see, history is full of individuals who’ve gone through hardships in life. Yet, the common thing among all was consistently doing the right things. And last but not least, never let the people’s negativity come inside.


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